YSpot Platform

YSpot Platform

Product Development

May, 2024

3 minutes

Project Aim

YSpot Jobs PageYSpot Jobs Page

The YSpot project, developed for YH&H, aims to empower youth by creating a LinkedIn-like platform tailored specifically for young people. The platform simplifies the process for youth to find suitable job opportunities, apply for positions, and take assessments. Companies can post jobs and engage with potential candidates, facilitating a streamlined hiring process. The platform also integrates several AI tools to assist both youth and companies.

My Role

As the Backend Developer and Team Lead for YH&H, I was responsible for designing and implementing the backend infrastructure using Node.js and PostgreSQL. I led the project, ensuring the successful integration of various features, including job posting, assessments, AI tools, and moderation tools. I coordinated with the frontend team to optimize the user experience and ensure seamless functionality. Additionally, I had the pleasure of presenting the platform at Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) Hub, American University of Sharjah, where I showcased the platform's capabilities and the positive impact it has on connecting youth with job opportunities.

Description & Technologies

YSpot Youth AI ToolsYSpot Youth AI Tools

YSpot was developed using Node.js, PostgreSQL, and Next.js. Key features of the platform include:

  • Multiple Personas: Customized interfaces for different user roles, including youth and organizations.
  • Job Posting and Applications: Companies can post job opportunities, and youth can apply for these positions.
  • Assessments: Tools for youth to take various assessments as part of the application process.
  • Moderation Tools: Features for administrators to manage content and user interactions.
  • AI Tools for Youth: AI-powered tools for CV generation, cover letter creation, and personal career advice.
  • AI Tools for Companies: AI features to generate job descriptions and other recruitment-related tasks.
  • Upskilling Courses: Courses to help youth improve their skills and increase employability.


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The YSpot platform has successfully connected youth with job opportunities, providing a comprehensive solution that includes job applications, assessments, upskilling courses, and AI tools. The platform has been well-received by both youth and organizations, enhancing the job search and hiring process.

Key Aspects

YSpot Assessments PageYSpot Assessments Page
  • Job Posting and Applications: Streamlined process for companies to post jobs and youth to apply.
  • Assessments: Comprehensive tools for evaluating candidates.
  • AI Integration: AI tools for CV and cover letter generation, personal career advice for youth, and job description generation for companies.
  • Moderation Tools: Ensures a safe and productive environment for users.
  • Upskilling: Provides courses to help youth enhance their skills.
  • Multiple Personas: Customizable interfaces for different user roles.

Technologies Used

YSpot Assessments PageYSpot Assessments Page
  • Node.js: Backend development for scalable performance.
  • PostgreSQL: Database management for secure data storage.
  • Next.js: Frontend framework for building dynamic and responsive interfaces.

Final Thoughts

The YSpot project, developed for YH&H, sets a new standard in youth employment platforms by combining advanced technology with user-centric design to create a powerful and impactful tool for connecting young people with job opportunities.