Orphans Management System

Orphans Management System

Product Development

June, 2022

3 minutes

Project Aim

Orphans Management System DashboardOrphans Management System Dashboard

The Orphans Management System aims to provide a comprehensive and secure platform for managing orphan information and guardianship records for Alansaar Charity. The system ensures accurate tracking of orphans, their guardians, assistance provided, and detailed audit logs.

My Role

As the sole developer, I was responsible for designing, developing, and deploying the entire Orphans Management System from start to finish. This included backend development using PHP Laravel, frontend development with Laravel Blade, and database management with MySQL. I implemented all key features, including orphan information management, guardianship tracking, role-based access control, and audit logging. Additionally, I ensured the system's security, performance, and scalability to meet the needs of Alansaar Charity.

Description & Technologies

Orphans Management System Table PageOrphans Management System Table Page

The project involved the development of a robust system using PHP Laravel, Laravel Blade, and MySQL. Key features include:

  • Orphan Information Management: Complete records of orphans, including parental information and documents.
  • Guardianship Management: Track guardianship records, transitions between guardians, and detailed interviews to assess guardian suitability.
  • Home Visits: Record detailed notes and observations from home visits to monitor the orphan's situation with the guardian.
  • User Management: A comprehensive role-based access control system with multiple user roles.
  • Assistance Tracking: Record detailed information about assistance provided to orphans, including value, date, and complete history.
  • Archive: Maintain a complete archive of orphan records.
  • Audit Log: Keep a detailed audit log of all system activities.


Orphans Management System Data Entry PageOrphans Management System Data Entry Page

The Orphans Management System has significantly improved the management of orphan information and guardianship records for Alansaar Charity. The system provides a centralized platform for data handling, offering functionalities such as user management, assistance tracking, and real-time data updates.

Key Aspects

Orphans Management System Advanced Data Entry PageOrphans Management System Advanced Data Entry Page
  • Security: Advanced authentication and authorization mechanisms protect sensitive data.
  • Data Integrity: Centralized data control ensures accuracy and consistency.
  • User Accessibility: Web interfaces cater to various user needs.
  • Assistance Tracking: Detailed records of assistance provided to orphans.
  • Subsystem Integration: Seamlessly integrates multiple subsystems for a unified user experience.
  • User Management: Robust role and permission management.
  • Audit Log: Detailed audit logs ensure transparency and accountability.

Technologies Used

Orphans Management System Roles PageOrphans Management System Roles Page
  • PHP Laravel: Backend development for server-side functionality. - Laravel Blade: Frontend development for building dynamic user interfaces. - MySQL: Relational database management system for secure and efficient data storage.

Final Thoughts

The Orphans Management System project not only meets the needs of managing orphan information and guardianship but also sets a standard for similar systems in terms of security, efficiency, and usability.