Arabee Learning App

Arabee Learning App

Product Maintaince

March, 2022

2 minutes

Project Aim

arabeeLearning DescriptionarabeeLearning Description

The arabeelearning project, developed for YH&H, aims to maintain, enhance, and expand an award-winning educational platform that teaches Arabic to children aged 3-12 through interactive lessons and activities. The platform is designed to make learning Arabic fun and engaging.

My Role

As the Backend Developer and Team Lead for YH&H, my role involved maintaining and enhancing the platform's functionality using Flutter, Firebase, and NextJS. I was responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs, and ensuring the system's stability. Additionally, I coordinated with designers and other developers to optimize the user experience and support the platform's educational goals.

Description & Technologies

arabeeLearning UsagearabeeLearning Usage

The project involves ongoing maintenance, adding new features, upgrades, and bug fixes using Flutter, Firebase, and NextJS. Key features include:

  • Interactive Learning: Engaging content such as games, videos, songs, digital books, and worksheets.
  • Progressive Curriculum: Structured program guiding children from basic words and phrases to proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • User Management: Comprehensive user management system for families and schools.
  • Tracking and Reports: Detailed tracking of student progress with reporting tools for teachers and parents.
  • Rewards & Achievements: Motivation through unlockable games, rewards, and leaderboards.
  • Multi-Platform Access: Available on web and mobile for seamless access.


arabeeLearning Games PagearabeeLearning Games Page

arabeeLearning has successfully provided an effective and enjoyable way for children to learn Arabic, both at home and in schools. The platform supports independent learning and interactive classroom activities, promoting consistent language acquisition.

Key Aspects

arabeeLearning ProgressarabeeLearning Progress
  • Engaging Content: Fun and interactive materials that keep children focused.
  • Structured Learning: Progressive curriculum that builds on foundational skills.
  • User Accessibility: Easy-to-use interfaces for children, parents, and teachers.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Tools for monitoring and reporting progress.
  • Rewards System: Incentives to motivate continuous learning.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Accessible on various devices for flexible learning.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter: Cross-platform development for seamless mobile app experiences.
  • Firebase: Backend infrastructure for real-time data and user authentication.
  • NextJS: Frontend framework for server-side rendering and static site generation.

Final Thoughts

The arabeelearning project has made a significant impact on Arabic language education for children, combining modern technology with engaging content to foster a love for learning Arabic in a fun and interactive way.